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Top Free Movie Download Site Download Full HD Movies 2022

Free Movie Download Sites

Free Movie Download Site Download

Except you know a handful of websites that allow you to download movies for free, finding free movie download sites is no longer easy as it use to be.

Most movies are protected by copyright laws which prevent random websites from distributing certain movies as it flags copyright infringement and could get the website owner in a lot of trouble.

So movie streaming sites like Netflix and Amazon prime go the extra mile to obtain the necessary licenses needed to provide movies on their platforms and charge users a certain fee.

However, not everyone has the luxury of subscribing to movie streaming platforms and rely on free movie download sites to get their movies.

In this guide, we’re going to cover the best free movie download websites and give a step-by-step guide to navigate them when necessary.

Without further ado, let’s get started.

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#1 HDEpic

On the top of our list for free movie download sites is HDEpic.

With a broad range of local and international movies, HDEpic brings the best quality movies to your devices.

You’re not only getting the option to stream movies in high quality, but HDEpic also allows you to download movies for free and watch them offline whenever you want to.

From movies to animations and cartoons, they’re filtered into categories to make sorting through their gallery as seamless and hassle-free as possible.
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HDEpic goes one step further when it comes to online streaming or downloading movie series.

A quick search pops up the movie of your choice with all seasons and episodes in one compact plus.

Amongst all the sites on our list, HDepic makes a name of itself as one of the most “ad-free sites”.

There are no disturbing pop-up ads all over the place that ruins user experience on both mobile and pc.

HDepic also provides a telegram channel where you can subscribe to and get updated whenever your latest movie series are released.

Check out HDEpic Today!

#2 FzMovies

Coming out as number two on our list is FzMovies.

They’ve been around for several years and have never failed to deliver quality and top-notch movies just the way we like it.

FzMovies claim to have the largest collection of movies on the internet and I kid you not, they have got quite a collection.

From Hollywood’s finest to oscar-winning, famous sequels and of course Bollywood movies, the list is endless.

If you’re an Andriod user you’re in luck as FzMovies provides a mobile application that brings the best of their services and entertainment without having to go through a browser.

You also get to download movies using the standard quality or the high definition (HD) in other words, they offer budget-friendly movie resolutions.

Before downloading from FzMovies:

You may want to opt for a pc when downloading movies from FzMovies because their user experience on mobile is nothing to write home about.

From annoying banners to pop-up ads, ads are all over the place.

Even if you decide to use an Ad-blocker, you may not be allowed to proceed without disabling those ad-blockers.

In essence, downloading movies from FzMovies on a pc is a preferable option.

Check out FzMovies today!

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#3 GlobbyTv

Pretty new to the free movies download and online streaming space is Globbytv.

Being one amongst our personal favorites, we love how they combine online streaming on the go and free movie download in one compact plus.

GlobbyTv offers movie series, TV shows, Hollywood’s best of the best and also music to their gallery to suit users needs.

Unlike most free movie download sites, the bulk of GlobbyTv’s movie files are available in mp4 format so you won’t need specialized apps or software when it’s time to enjoy your favorite movie.

All you’d have to do is head over to your gallery or select a movie-viewing app and you’re good to go both on Android and IOS.

As a bonus GlobbyTv shows a long list of genres and provides an A-Z category of titles to help you sort through their movie gallery.

If you have a hard time finding download links for movies, GlobbyTv provides a guide that walks you through the process of downloading movies on their platform.

For Andriod users, you can get their app on the Google play store and enjoy seamless entertainment.

Check out GlobbyTv today!

#4 NetNaija

Making its way to the fourth position on our list of best free movie download sites is NetNaija.

Apart from being one of our personal favorites, they pride themselves in providing one of the internet’s finest collections of movies.

Here’s a challenge for you.

Head over to their website without any movie in mind, check out their latest collection and download any movie that catches your attention.

The chances of having a great time are very likely, that’s how good they are.

NetNaija provides well-defined categories and genres that make it easy to sort through local and international movies.

For non-English speaking movies, NetNaija makes subtitles readily available for download alongside movie files.

The downside of having subtitles not fully merged into movie files is having to use specialised apps or software like VLC Media player when watching movies with subtitles.

For music lovers, NetNaija also provides various genres of music for you to stream or download.

It’s hands down a great free movie download sites that takes you on a journey as you discover great movies to try out.

Check Out NetNaija today!

#5 O2tvseries

Just as the name suggests O2tvseries is a free movie download sites that is all about movie series, seasons, episodes and everything in between.

With the most interesting movie series, you could think of, you could binge-watch from season to season, episodes to episodes until you’re tired.

O2tvseries filters their movie titles alphabetically to help you sort through their large gallery as easy as possible.

They’ve got some good skin in the game and are somewhat a household name when it comes to free movie download sites.

Before downloading from O2tvseries:

There are two downsides to downloading movies from O2tvseries.

The first is having to survive through tons of pop-up ads every step of the way.

You could use an ad-blocker or prevent the O2tvseries from opening URLs in new tabs without your consent from your browser’s settings.

All movie links in the recently added section are not clickable, and you may have to navigate to the list section to find movies.

The second downside of using O2tvseries is the rigorous process of downloading the movie offline.

Unlike the three sites we mentioned above, they don’t make it easy to save movies offline but rather they allow online streaming.

To save movies offline, we recommend getting the “Document App by Readable” on Android and IOS.

This app comes with a built-in browser that would allow you to save movies offline.

All you’d have to do is survive through the pop-up ads, click on the download link and your “Documents App” allows you to save your movies offline.

Check Out O2tvseries today!

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#6 1337x

1337x is a popular hub where various users can connect and share files; movies, music, apps, games and a whole lots more.

This process is referred to as “Torrenting” and 1337x is one of the largest hubs for torrent files and of course this lets you download movies for free.

Although organized into the most popular, foreign movies and some basic categories, the best way to navigate the 1337x space is with the search bar readily available.

Head over to their website, hit the search bar and type for the name of the movie you’d like to download.

Let the results roll in and download your movie for free.

1337x allow users to upload movie files of different resolutions so you could always opt for getting high-quality versions of movies.

Before downloading from 1337x:

There are two downsides to downloading movies from a torrent site.

One, it is illegal and 1337x always recommends masking your IP Address with a VPN while downloading files from their site.

Two, multiple unknown users uploads files that aren’t vetted by the site owners which leaves you predisposed to viruses and other malware that may come with getting corrupted files.

As a rule of thumb, be conscious when getting files from torrent sites.

Check out 1337x Today!

#7 NewToxic

With one of the most simple interfaces for mobile and desktop users, NewToxic makes it super easy to download free movies online.

They have seven main categories and offer users; TV Series, Movies, Cartoons, old-time classics and a whole lot more.

It’ll take a longer time to sort through their collection of movies, so we recommend using their search option to help you scale fast.

The downside of using their search feature is having to click through individual results to know the particular series that episode belongs to.

Their pop-up ads are not so disturbing and all over the place like some sites, we’ve mentioned above.

One of the main categories on NewToxic is “K-drama” so, for Korean movie lovers, they got you covered.

Check out NewToxic Today!

#8 YouTube

Sounds a little too good to be true but yes, you can get free movies on YouTube. Just like torrent sites allow multiple users to create and upload content, it works the same way with YouTube.

Although not an ideal movie download site, you could get lucky to find the full movies you’re looking for.

Before downloading free movies from YouTube:

The downside of using YouTube is having those movies taken down since it violates copyright laws.

But if you’re really lucky, you could get your movies and get away with it.

You don’t want to save them offline with your YouTube app because it poses a problem when the channel you’ve downloaded movies from gets taken down.

We recommend using apps like Vidmate or read more on how To download Youtube videos in mobile gallery without app

Check out Youtube Today!

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#9 Telegram Channels

Not a website but telegram channels are a worthy mention when it comes to downloading free movies online.

The feeling of getting movies just released straight to your inbox is thrilling and rewarding.

Unlike platforms like WhatsApp, there’s no limit to the size of files you can upload and best of all video qualities are kept intact.

There are lots of popular channels on telegram that have a vast gallery of free movies; from local to international, amines, cartoons and movie series, you name it.

There’s no limit to the types of movies you can get on telegram channels.

A lot of the time, movies on Telegram also come with built-in subtitles which removes the stress of having to use special apps or computer software to binge-watch.

Before downloading movies on Telegram:

You should set the option to “automatically save files in your gallery” and as soon as you download movies, they’re readily available to you.

If you’re not able to find this option within the settings tab, you could manually export movies and save them to your local storage.

This option works great for iPhone users.

To find popular telegram channels, do a quick search on Google and you’d find a couple of blog posts that mention some of these channels.

Get started with Telegram Today!


Getting free movies online isn’t hard when you know the right places to look.

We’ve done the heavy lifting for you and provided a comprehensive list of our favorite sites and places for downloading free movies with ease.

Most of these free movie downloads sites give users the option to join their telegram channels and gets updates in their inbox.

Our personal favorites for websites are “Globbytv and HDepic” for thrilling Hollywood movies and for the series you love we recommend “02tvseries” as long as you survive those annoying ads.

As a rule of thumb, we recommend using a VPN to mask your IP address when visiting these sites as a lot of their content violate copyright laws.

It’s best to be safe than sorry and that’s a wrap for our guide.

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